Novice to open a chain of cosmetics store display is very critical

a lot of novice to open cosmetics chain, often on the display of cosmetics scratching their heads, in fact, the display of cosmetics chain is very important. Only to do a good job in the store’s internal management and product display, enhance customer experience and the degree of consumer recognition of the brand, in order to attract more customers.

in order to break the central display location display the sense of monotony in the central display shelves removed several shelves, leaving only the bottom shelf to form a narrow space, a special display, this display method is called narrow display. The display of goods is best to introduce new products to customers or high profit merchandise, generally only 1 or 2 items of goods, can play a good promotional effect.

import in the cosmetics supermarket at the middle or bottom not set up the central display, and the configuration of special booth, display this method called island display. The appliances generally have freezer, platform or large mesh basket, in addition to a number of display required for the activities of the island, in the random space is a channel activity in Taiwan, with wheels in bulk basket display equipment.

is for a "on sale for cheap goods" impression to customers, and in the method of random stacking shelves, goods determined. The use of random display of the display device, usually a round or four – shaped mesh basket, but also with a special sale of the brand. The net basket display the configuration of the random position basically and neatly displayed, but also can display the configuration in the central aisle, close to one side of the aisle, or in a configuration store cold zone, to drive the display of goods sales.

and random display method.

outstanding display method.

outstanding display method is to break the monotony, attract customers into the central display rack, display rack in the central front, will display a prominent position of the special method. For example, to make a stand on this surface, and to store the goods on it, or to make the shelves of the lower shelf of the central display stand into a prominent plate, and then to accumulate the goods on the board.


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