Mobile nternet in the end is a king or content for the king

yesterday and a friend in spirit when discussing some childe promotion plan of Guizhou wisdom bus, we are doing the channel or do content in this argument we should now, this time what is the content or channels for the king, Prince Ling graduated from Xiamen University, have not yet graduated at the time set up a number of companies, for the poor during area donated about 2000000 supplies and assistance fund, its unique business vision and business model of the keen sense of smell, now is the core of Guizhou smart bus head. I share some of the conclusions we discussed, hoping to help the confused friends.

channel is the age of the king, the rise of pea pods

innovation factory investment pea pod has now become a super powerful APP distribution platform and distribution channels, and at the same time is a APP search engine, want to use the search engine model, a cup of soup. Remember, I Haiger hard to develop a game, want to do the promotion, in the pea pod on, people don’t bird me, then my friend including some awesome gaming company revealed that the very high quality of the game to do promotion in pea pods, so in the pea pod 80% -90% total game revenue will be peas all, this is not cheating. We have to stay up late to work overtime to make the product that is the channel to, I believe that many companies especially the game companies should have deep feelings, so that everyone can see, in fact, now the industry especially the games are for the channel for work, such as pea pods the channels in the work.

with pea pods model, 360 mobile assistant and its market, QQ application treasure distribution launched, want to build channels through their own users, making applications and game makers work for them.

channel is king of the times, millet mode

in fact, Lei Jun has been saying that our millet is not a hardware vendor, we are a Internet Co. Yes, millet is a hardware manufacturer, it is a powerful channel, millet mobile phone hardware is just a platform, do Niubi hardware just to build a Lei Niubi platform, you think, in 2013 reached 18 million 700 thousand, 2014 will be able to reach 40 million, 2015 is estimated to reach 70 million mobile phone, then, at the end of 2015, the number of users on more than one hundred million of millet. If coupled with non terminal users, conservative data will be more than 200 million. This data from the one hand, that millet out of any application, there will be a minimum of 1 hundred million users. But how many years will it take to start a business? Too many companies die less than 1 million of the users.

We assume that

, the day of millet prompted by a sudden impulse we do e-commerce, said, we do an electronic commerce platform like Taobao or Tmall Jingdong C2C or B2C, get an internal push overnight, there will be more than 100 million users… Each APP can bring great millet!

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