Five tips on how to create an excellent user experience for websites


thanks Apple Corp, and now products and applications pay more and more attention to user experience. If a reader has ever used the private social software Path, he will marvel at Path’s excellent UI design. In the era of future explosion, it is becoming more and more important for products to have excellent interface design and user experience in order to give a good first impression to users.

in this article, we’ve listed five products and applications, how to design the best UX for teams and individuals who want to make products that are amazing all over the world.


1. elegant UI (user interface) design

although the best user experience isn’t entirely due to UI design, it’s definitely an important part of it. For example, social applications Path, when you like a friend to share pictures, click the upper right corner of the smile small icon, it will smooth out a selection box. The expression of four: smile, blink, surprised and sad face, there is a "favorite" heart-shaped icon. This shows people’s moods through subtle and conspicuous icons, accurate and witty.

2. addiction

design is part of it, but it also involves digging into the value of the product. Your product either solves the user’s specific needs or produces a pleasant use experience, and of course, the combination of both will be better. In other words, you want users to be addicted to your product.

The best example of

is the photo sharing site Pinterest, which constantly provides users with what they like by uploading, filtering, and appealing images. This will not only attract users to keep browsing, but also create more communication, which is an excellent example of viral transmission in the station. It not only solves the problem that people store and exchange pictures, but also satisfies the curiosity and vanity of all. Think about it. Do you see pictures of your favorite now stored in a computer disk that no one sees?


3. quick start

ease of use has become increasingly important in the era of product explosion, explosion, and information explosion. In Kindle Fire, for example, it doesn’t have a pretty look of iPad, but Amazon does what Apple can do but doesn’t do. When you buy a iPad, you need to connect to the computer and connect to the iTunes to install the software for your iPad.

Kindle but on the contrary, when you get the Fire boot, not only installed necessary information of users, and even a single click, all of your software, books, music and other easily download to your Fire. > and