Net red Papi sauce first single advertising shoot 22 million beauty companies win


technology news April 21st afternoon, red net Papi sauce placement advertising resources bidding / auction held in Beijing in recent months, quickly became popular, Papi sauce to patch advertising won the first commercial revenue, beauty beautiful makeup 22 million yuan to get eggs time advertising Papi sauce in May 21st after the end of the video, when no limit.

take the auction online and offline joint auction form, deposit 1 million, with Papi sauce I Jiang Yilei birthday in February 17th on the grounds that the starting price of 217 thousand yuan, increase 100 thousand yuan each.

Papi I Jiang Yilei sauce is not present, the partner of Yang Ming, advertising auction operator logic thinking, investment fund it real founder Xu Xiaoping to the scene. (Li Gen)


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