Comment with selling Microsoft tomato garden

is perhaps because numerous nicknames, Hong Lei is tired of the tomato garden owners: first is not for Microsoft’s enclosure strategy of their mental suffering, and then again in Microsoft’s report to the detention center, the labor of their bones, it is also Microsoft also Microsoft.

is simple to think, and are selling or disguised with selling Microsoft products, what people don’t feel happy, let you in the net they should be regarded as legitimate bones, but it happened in the China beginning of the implementation of "anti monopoly law", it is said that sensitive period to prepare v. Microsoft monopoly, really in order to give people unlimited reverie space.

Microsoft’s monopoly is obvious to people, you can not know the exact definition of the word in the monopoly in Europe or China, but when you know that Microsoft failed to implement the EU antitrust ruling in 2004 to pay the fine, the EU announced early on Microsoft fined 2 billion 200 million dollars, when you know the antitrust lawsuit in the United States by Microsoft into 4 years, you will understand the v. Microsoft monopoly, is certainly not because of envy Weakness lends wings to rumours.. In fact, for Microsoft’s monopoly, the voice of open source has never stopped, so when Gates visited Europe smashed cake, when the Chinese speech was publicly protested, monopoly requirements open source.

One important inducement to the

piracy problem is Microsoft’s pricing policy. In the United States, a set of XP is only equivalent to the ordinary white-collar workers a day’s wages, but in China, is equivalent to half a month’s wages, although this may not constitute piracy reasons, but at least, "where there is oppression, there is resistance, for pirates and counterfeiters use most is a last resort the. Europe and the United States can insist on genuine except legal consciousness ingrained, more important is because relative to income, the price is quite acceptable, if XP in China the price is only equivalent to a day’s wages, who will buy the pirated and not clear? For a long time, low cost of infringement intellectual property rights, the objective is also to many people including some European and American people "know buy stolen", in fact, I have seen several accompanying and guest buy pirated software experience.

pirated Microsoft became the best partner in a certain sense, so for a long time, Microsoft would condone piracy is not willing to follow the market price. This is also likely to be the great wisdom of Microsoft, Gates said once understatement: let them steal, they’ll get used to it! Yes, this habit eventually in the world’s largest market formed, pirate trained hundreds of millions of loyal users for Microsoft, they at least in habits into Microsoft loyal fans, so they can make efficient free LINUX shaorenwenjin, will let the magnificent apple too.

Microsoft’s enclosure movement has just been completed, and many of them have been "run by the Jackal". The action of Microsoft, it is not by an example, for they may have real xiemoshalv? Think they have the absolute ability to control the user to not afraid of competition.