Elementary webmaster talk about doing a little bit of experience

has been building for over a year, and has not set its goals at the beginning. So, whether search website name or other keywords, almost all search less than my station.

later revised several times and began to think about the key word ranking problem. This is also a key issue because it’s a personal studio or something like that, and there’s a lot of stuff on the web and how to do it. It’s really hard for visitors to keep your website in mind.

to enter the theme bar: start, I use the stack keyword, half a month later in Baidu search website name: net soft china. Can rank first. And this ranking first, for commercial competition meaningless, who will deliberately search your website name? And these two words is not what hot, ranking first is not strange. Then added YAHOO statistics, traffic has been bad.

works out because the studio’s main business is to provide services to small and medium sized businesses that initially set up a site. My ability is limited, and only aimed at the lower market this piece. Later on the Internet to find a front desk, but also a good program, the part of the background function restrictions to fill the whole idea with their own, and then add statistics in the page code. Send it online, saying it’s completely free. Sure enough, there were a lot of rookies. It does bring a number of traffic, perhaps some people despise, but small webmaster in order to point the flow is not easy, so don’t laugh at me.

but they found the direct deletion of the statistics code, and the traffic was gone. People don’t go directly to your site.

then, and to find out a program, or as complete, a: unlimited free download function. Because it’s generic, the page is ok. The following people downloaded more than the first release program. But in a few days, someone will continue to leave a message on my website. Request technical support. And someone keeps adding me to QQ. The reason is: I added restrictions, but the restrictions are limited hundreds of pages after the update will be limited. Because of this restriction, I give them free restrictions. That’s a bit of a reversal. How many orders have you really received?. Maybe someone called me mean, and other people’s program issued in their own name, that is free download, there are actual restrictions. But: your website 100% is your own original, online is the author of the actual writing procedures, in their own name of the program issued by how many, the absolute part is someone else’s program, hang their own name. As a rookie level webmaster, I can say for certain: there is no absolutely no enterprise website program on the internet.

South data, Liang Jing, meteor design, network soft world, guanlong. The next set of programs, I really don’t know which company really is.

sees the meteor design, the front desk is not bad, but the backstage limit. Southern data complete background, foreground really sucks. I just want to integrate the two sets into a set.

, however, "accidentally" copies the admin directory of the southern data to >

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