A5 webmaster nets hadron webmaster get rich, do original, vertical by Baidu

was invited by Baidu in March 6th to attend the 2013 Baidu Adsense exchange. The meeting is an invitation system, there are about 300 webmaster and the company responsible for the optimization of the responsible person attended the meeting, some optimization experts at the venue to provide a lot of suggestions, benefit greatly. Overall, there are three feelings, and we share the exchange.

site, do the original content,

Baidu pays more and more attention to the originality of content, and the website with high quality and original content will be promoted continuously. This is not surprising, why Baidu to big, portal ranking position is constantly improving. Because large portals have many professional editors, contributing to the original content, these original content is what the industry and Internet users need. For another example, A5 webmaster network every day more than 70% of the original content, these content for the user is valuable, so the user experience is good, Baidu will also give a good ranking. New submissions will be given within 5 minutes, ranking high. Before the SEO industry has a word called "content is king, the chain is emperor", now can be understood as "content for the emperor, the chain is king."". High quality original content, Baidu is the favorite. So webmaster friends do Kung Fu in the original content, conditional can recruit professional personnel, update high quality original content for the website every day, no conditions can set the user interactive columns, let users can participate in the publishing industry point of view or information. In addition to the original note, the content is to give users see, not to look to the search engines, users give evaluation, high viscosity, reproduced or propagation dynamics, the site will also give the corresponding weight is very high.

two vertical subdivision of the market is very large,

Baidu search expert Lee pointed out at the conference, many vertical segments of the market is very large, the line is doing very well, but the line did not tap out. For example, Datong to Beijing logistics, etc., and this point of view coincides with the author. These are big portals, but there is no way to segment the market supply and demand information, price fluctuation, latest technology knowledge and so on in each industry. If the webmaster friends have the resources or knowledge of a particular industry, you can try the specific segments of the industry, such as steel, machinery parts processing, glass bottles, vegetables and so on, these industries there are many sub fields, if a certain field do fine do fine, through Baidu alliance advertising platform or membership fees and advertising fees can be profitable. I have operated for a period of time B2B website, and then did not have time to sell, and for the optimization of B2B site promotion has some experience, we have the demand, you can communicate with each other.

three maintains good communication with Baidu officials

often hears the stationmaster complain that his website has been searched for no reason, or that the site has been K, but no solution has been found. Now Baidu Adsense >

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