Brief analysis the basic operation procedure and the matters needing attention in Baidu

I want to do optimization friends all know, do Baidu know promotion can be issued outside the chain, through the chain to improve the site visits and traffic, so that the site to get better ranking. On the other hand can allow enterprises to optimize utilization of people know ourselves from a Baidu model for its own brand publicity! That is how to do it? Here we follow love network learning today the main content: in the

basic operation steps of Baidu know questions

first, landing Baidu know platform, in the input box to enter questions you want to ask, first query your question whether it was raised by other Internet users, and Title repeat. Now Baidu knows that in order to avoid asking questions, if you ask questions that have been asked and resolved, then the question you ask will be considered as a failure. Therefore, before asking questions, please search on the issue or when the question, first look at the questions on the right side of the page "related issues list, which is a similar problem. Ask again after you have identified the satisfactory answer.

second, the content of the question does not violate the " Baidu know the agreement " rules, such as: appear Baidu banned sensitive words.

third, the question should be clear, so that users can understand what you want to know, do not write meaningless or vague topics. If you want to know how much money the Nanning 1.5*1.5*2.3 304 stainless steel box? But you know in question: how much is written: Nanning stainless steel box or booth size 1.5*1.5*2.3? How much money? Such a broad range, you should answer the correct answer to the answers you want? And write meaningless or fuzzy Baidu know not to pass the.

fourth, after the title is written, there is a supplement to the questions below. You can add pictures to the supplement. You can write it in detail according to the question. The more detailed the question is, the more accurate the answer is, the more detailed the answer is, the easier it becomes to understand.


fifth, when the problem has been written, check that the classification of the problem is correct. Because Baidu will automatically classify your problems according to what you write, and it won’t be very detailed. Therefore, when we finish writing the questions, we should see whether the class Baidu gives me is correct and whether it meets your requirements. Not in conformity with the amendment.

sixth, anonymous and reward points settings. In the figure below, we can see that there is an anonymous and reward icon on the submission question. These are what? When some questions belong to your privacy, you can set the anonymous questions, so that the questioner name does not appear on the problem page, will be replaced by "anonymous" two words. But to choose an anonymous question, you should subtract the score from the questioner. Set reward points, you can get more attention to the problem, of course, the higher the reward points, attention is also higher.

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