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" is a science and technology research business Sina launched a new introduction of foreign electricity supplier website column, hopes to introduce some new products, business model and creative, to the domestic electricity supplier industry and related entrepreneurs bring reference.

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, an American start-up company called AgLocal, has yet to get online, but its unique entrepreneurial perspective has earned $1 million in investment. What kind of creativity attracted these VC eyes? Two words, "eat local meat."".

, on the aglocal.com web site that has not yet been officially written, clearly says the site’s location: "Aglocal allows anyone to buy and sell locally based meat products more simply and conveniently."".

, according to the plan, Aglocal will be a mobile Internet based APP products, the local meat supplier and users together to provide logistics choices, electricity providers and social functions. In addition, Aglocal also plans to take part in each transaction, the joint local users to establish a food storage room, the demand for those who are hungry.

Aglocal believes that this product can support the local economy, reduce transportation costs, and establish a supply channel for fresh meat products. At present, on the Aglocal page, already started the manufacture, the seller as well as the user’s data registration.

according to the plan, Aglocal will be officially launched in the summer of this year is alternant, the above mentioned $100 financing, is the guarantee for this line: Aglocal to establish a technology platform, hired more engineers to join, and potential partners.

"Why does

have such an idea?" Nathan Jones, one of the founders of Aglocal, replied simply, "I like meat."".

aside concern green agriculture at this point, Nathan – Jones to think more, he does not believe in the farmers’ market, he used the most suitable price to buy the best quality meat, because farmers market system will be out of control, how to break the system through the Internet means the result of this thinking? Is Aglocal.

but Jones quickly realized that it was not realistic and not sustainable for consumers to buy meat directly from farmers every day. "Even if people want to say, but not necessarily true through this way to buy, they want to buy from the grocery store, butcher and other places more trust."

, on the other hand, comes from farmers who do not do business in this way because they do not have time to transport meat products throughout the city. If Aglo>

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