Does your website need visitors or visitors, and you need your website

as a webmaster you might put your site as a leader, and your visitors are your people, who is who? Whether between the two is also be closely related and mutually dependent, who cannot do without who? I don’t think that water boat can capsize, our visitors can you don’t need this website, but your site is cannot do without visitors, this I our site in the passive side.

What do

is an important standard website! Is popular, traffic, which comes from the lovely our visitors they may inadvertently click into our money slave, you enslave your visitors? We need to site visitors, once you can not satisfy the visitors, visitors will abandon you. Can we then change this pattern, let visitors need your site, let the site not in the passive! I think that there are very few owners will take the initiative to consider this problem, now the webmaster and a few years ago the stationmaster of the difference is enormous, we do site may be just for interest, and now most of the site is to hold the purpose of profit is different, this will result in this pattern is hard to change. Many webmaster is blindly to the pursuit of traffic IP, in fact I think more than they slowly pay, I think this is certainly pay a harvest, the harvest is not only in money, the more valuable the experience.

really need to allow your visitors to your site, don’t enjoy a moment for profit. What is now the visitors need to ah! What is the visitors on? Information, give visitors the information they need, for example: you are a local portal, you can provide what visitors? Provide information on local life, starting from the actual fundamental, if our visitors now did not work, then you have to think it is not the job information for him, if visitors home TV, but I don’t know who to repair, so whether you can provide visitors related maintenance information to your site and, although not like the portal has been strong, but have a solid group of loyal fans.

, back to the website a couple of years ago, where did you come from? Basically, the website is content, and now there are several websites that don’t hang ads. This is not to say that we do not hang advertising, but at least let you hang the ads do not affect visitors reading? We need to do as much as possible for advertising on the site is also useful to our visitors information website owners interest always hope their website, no advertising information disorderly, and only the purpose of the profit is to put ads where owners put ads, did not take into account the visitors under the idea of empathy, if you are a visitor, you will feel out of order advertising.

why does the author talk about this problem today? The reason is that when I look for an article, I enter a website. There are a lot of technical articles in this website, but this website lets the author

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