A good website insists on not just looking at Baidu’s face

many webmaster, often for search engine included happy and sorrow. What I share with you today is that Baidu, which I have been working on for four years, has a parabola, ups and downs for four years. I think I should write something to share with you as a souvenir.

August 2007, good net angle Baidu collection reached the highest 65W, when it was the highest traffic flow, once reached 11W days IP. The highest data set in: September 15, 2007, the highest number of visits: 112084 IP, when traffic increased by five thousand a day, never had a sense of achievement.

October 2007, because Baidu began to attach importance to the development of their network favorites, problems included a lot of good network favorites website, a good network angle as well as they included only the remaining poor 1 page flow down 90%, a huge blow. Many web collection pages are slowly and without "persistence"". Good network angle adjustment strategy at this time, the launch of the website reviews, increase the original comment content, and launched the cooperation alliance cooperation and recommendation, many personal website, recommended a number of good sites, we have gained access to the cooperative website recommendation.

08 years before the site traffic slowly achieved 5W. In April 2009, Baidu slowly included hundreds of pages. In June 2009, the last few days of Baidu included updates, directly from the 2W included updates to 6W, the total traffic exceeded 9W, twenty percent of the antecedents from Baidu. Today saw the data very exclamation.

above data is absolutely true, we can view http://s.indexed.webmasterhome.cn/, domain=www.wang1314.com history included.

here: personal summary of the 2 points, say bad, we forgive, always not write "soft" people, always will only take data said.

1. don’t be too concerned about Baidu included, intentions to do web site, the mind in the content and innovation of the website, I believe traffic will slowly up. The development of our website so far included, has been opened, traffic to others, always has been unstable. Perhaps tomorrow, will only be included in a page, a word: ordinary heart.

2. to do only one thing, Google was the title, was linked to horse, be right down, no income, too tired, I believe that many webmaster met but please adhere to. Our website four years, step by step to today, 5W world rankings, 9W day IP (bottom 51 statistics publicly available), it is "adhere to" two words to bring up.

next time to share with you, I hope you webmaster site, tomorrow will be better.

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