How to improve the weight of keywords

Hello, I believe we have seen a lot of this content, I am also a novice, study time is not very long, if there is a right or wrong place please forgive me, honestly, I was not good at words, not to mention the writing, the first written text. A little nervous, afraid of some places is not good you joke, ha ha, goes to the point.


keyword that we all know, all know on the website of title, description and keyword, the how to write, we have a lot of understanding it, that if you do not understand, you can see the rest of the article, there is no detailed introduction. I through their own station to talk about how to through the external links to increase the weight of keywords, I do is net PS, so of course you want to use "PS keyword, PS tutorial, after half a month or so, now at Baidu were ranked in fourth pages, third pages, maybe someone will laugh at I, Baidu ranked fourth pages, with half a month. My younger brother is just a beginner. I just give my opinion. My first blog in relatively large weights, published several articles on the PS learning aspects of the article, the content of the article is the best original, pseudo original line, then the "PS, PS or PS learning tutorial" on the site in the content of an article, not more, less than 3, such as the fruit can not understand to look on my blog PS classification. Whenever spider climb to this "PS" keyword, is my small station link, will increase the small station to "PS" keyword weight (premise your station content must be consistent with key word). Similarly, in the station content tutorial, using the same method to do links, an article 2-3, not too much, more than bad, do not understand, you can view the small station. This is my experience in the past few months, if you feel garbage, when you do not see, if you feel a little truth, add QQ group: 5376431, we discuss it together.

finally we have small show their station to cool PS tutorial network:

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