Actual combat share my experience with Taobao for one month

has many friends who love the Internet as well as I do. They want to earn money to live on the Internet and try desperately to find ways to make money online. Do Taobao, when the webmaster, do Wangzhuan, have to do the bidding, we also do these Taobao customers.


Shao Lianhu is the source of money on the Internet, mainly by doing web sites, but recently found too little site, and the network company is very much. I’m too lazy to promote it, because it’s too much trouble to make a website for clients, and I don’t earn any money. So I don’t want to do it. Taobao used to do, but Taobao had to pay Paul, and too strict, I gave up. After much deliberation, I still at Taobao off the project, intends to do Taobao off money.

Taobao customers, I contacted in 2010, only to help Taobao sellers to promote products. Four years ago, I always wanted to study carefully. Taobao guest feeling really good, but others see the Taobao monthly income of over thousands, tens of thousands of really exciting. But there was a fire, to money fast. At that time, Taobao customers earn less than a few money also gave up, without careful study.


customers generally meant: the promotion of Taobao customer is a press clinch a deal the promotion mode, as long as Taobao customers from Taobao customers to promote the area code for goods, any buyers (including yourself) after your promotion (link, personal website, blog or community posts) into the Taobao shop to complete the purchase of the seller later, you can get paid by the seller of the commission. To put it simply, "Taobao" means someone who helps sellers promote goods and get commission.

this period of time, I have found a good way to earn money online, and do very few websites, and I can only do Taobao customers, because I feel the development of Taobao customers space. I tried a lot of methods, do Taobao guest website, use BBS, classified information network to do Taobao guest, use QQ space to do Taobao guest, use QQ group to do Taobao guest. Therefore, the advantages and disadvantages of various methods have also been found. Here, Shao Lianhu blog to share with you, I use these methods to do Taobao guest case.

first case, use the website to add product and link


do Taobao customers, for our webmaster, most will choose to do Taobao guest website. Because Taobao guest website makes more convenient, good promotion. I had a shopping site program, the template looks pretty, is a copy of the 58 group templates. I used this template to make a Taobao site. Since this is a shopping process, without adding Taobao guest link function, I have only Taobao link in the product content, to remind users click to buy Taobao.

because there is no added Taobao link function, even after users see, click on the purchase will also be wrong, only the user to see the contents of the product to remind Taobao to buy the text can see. If do not see, this Taobao guest also did not have effect. >

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