n front of product business operations, Baidu and 360, who knows the user experience better than an

From 2010

alerted Ministry of war to the 2012 3Q search engine 3B 360 can be described as a showdown, bumpy road, many twists and turns, some people slander cardinal Zhou Hongyi love fight, 360 software is what malware like words. Editor’s note, this is all some gossip, even good men articles are derailed, and ask which star No gossip?. Today, the author of Baidu’s second major products, stick and 360 core products, security guards, two products, business models in front of, talk about Baidu and 360, in the end who knows the user experience more than anyone else.

After that, Baidu will make

burn the bridge after crossing it?

Baidu promotes its own rags to riches by search engines, and its additional products, post bars, libraries, music, maps and encyclopedias all rise. Baidu search company hold up half the sky equal to anything, that is the search industry in China with the 360 lord it over a district, but the search engine involved, market share gradually reduced. Adjusted when the Baidu Inc product operation, know the promotion from the Baidu library membership to Baidu, from Baidu to Baidu music membership under Post Bar, singing all the way, there was a manmasheng, especially the recent Baidu Post Bar revision.

Baidu Post Bar as Baidu second products, according to the author’s 6 years of concern, Baidu Post Bar seems a bit off in the posterior, the specific action also means burn the bridge after crossing it, allow me to say. In 2009, Baidu Post Bar revised by tens of thousands of joint letters, a night hit back to the prototype, at this point, the post bar activity has risen to a certain height. After sustained development, as of the beginning of 2014, there are 1 billion registered users, about 8100000 interest sticks, the daily average of nearly 100 million topics, browsing more than 2 billion.

is at the height of the activity, Baidu Post Bar policy, it is the first twenty days to sign the examination system, the first test results came out with 625480 bar size sacked, many of whom are the core of the user, the maintenance of a Post Bar attentively and diligently, the provisions are not what they make. Followed by Baidu Post Bar business model, the membership system, the privilege to come out in succession, Xiaobian Post Bar is no longer the original Post Bar, born in the idea behind, but more money to buy advertising. This approach, on the one hand severely hurt the core user’s mind, on the other hand, forcing the ordinary users to browse themselves do not want to see advertising, Baidu Product Manager

in the end will lead to trouble?

360 fell dead, dark horse momentum unstoppable

In 2005

launched BBS search, in cooperation with Kabasiji in 2006 officially launched the 360 security guards, released in 2008 2009 360 security Browser Security Center launched the "software manager", launched in October 2009 360 global free antivirus software, April 2014, 360 cloud quietly on the line, a series of security products layout all in place.

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