A programmer’s experience in building a website

himself programmer, do Java development 3 years. In addition to previous university never engage in a few forums and personal home page, then has not built a station. Because at that time the pure interest of the map, a play to play all night, but at that time do not know how to promote.

did a few years of development, and suddenly had the idea of building the site, so when the university again to build the fun. After 20 days of hard work, the "beauty show" came out. The domain name I applied for is also a combination of station name and integrity. What is done is fashionable dress up class (welcome the similar stationmaster to seek me to exchange friendship link. QQ:54798333. Email:ofofing#gmail.com).

I think a stand interface is very important, and sometimes even more important than content (if you are a garbage station, you can skip it). Good interface and typography can best display the information you need to convey to the user. When it comes to the interface, the browser compatibility also need to pay attention, I usually used to open the Google browser, some Webmaster Station was found to be reduced to fragments, this is not good, because if 80% hits (IE) can visit your site, the remaining 20% will not normally have a bad reputation for you at least, will you do something that is professional, the most important commercial facade.

clean interface, succinct is the best pursuit (except special topics site). In my opinion, on the page, but you to express user information, without any extra elements, namely, LOGO all the illustrations on your web page, a small figure, beautiful CSS control, all is better for you to show the user information and improve the user experience of browsing information service.

secondly, the content is important, of course, many of these online articles, I will not say more.

also, if you are a personal webmaster, CSS and HTML must learn, not to write the program is not a big problem, anyway, now CMS so perfect, even realize the function can also evade the crucial point. Personal webmaster power is thin, there is no development team, so everything to yourself, such as web page layout and landscaping, these are often used.

finally welcome to contact me, I am pleased to make friends with you. This paper consists of http://s.aiMeiZhuang.com


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