A server is the bulk solution of Trojan horse

found himself first visit multiple sites is linked to the horse after the need according to the following procedure to solve

1, quick access to www.02me.com to see if it is linked to the horse, to exclude caused by virus problems in their PC. If you visit www.02me.com is linked to the horse, then you can be a Panda Antivirus! If used a similar kill prevention measures.

2, quickly landing FTP or enter the server view file is written in the code, if the code is written that will find the rules clear, some hackers hang horse with batch replace tool text, so you find a replacement character, replace the back can quickly solve.

3, if the above two schemes are not solved, quickly open the IIS view, looking carefully open the IIS restart once in the main IIS right click on properties of the ISAPI found a ISAPI extension to the ISAP loading state not seen to cancel the normal green restart IIS all disappeared


4, if not resolved, then you can be assured, not your machine has been compromised, quickly told the room, and a machine you are under the same gateway is set down, ARP spoofing. The phenomenon is that 404 pages including servers are hung up. You can set some rules in the firewall to avoid it. Methods the method of what I said is now the most popular


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