WRMPS for evaluation of classified information systems

"is the mainstream with the local" slogan louder! Service in the city sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, and the classification of information emerge in an endless stream! The most popular! Listing the national site: 58, go to the market, that is the Kijiji and so on, blossom everywhere, especially in 58 as a leader known as the first classification China portal. The old saying "strong pressure but long snakes, snakes are pretty much at home. Such as: Wuhan, Dongguan, will be enough to search Inner Mongolia zhaochafa, Yiwu, Shenzhen and other various flea network classification information station more a multitude of names such as ox


national sites basically get investment, have their own development team and artists. Most of the items, are used to buy information platform site, eliminating the burden of individual artists and recruitment of technical station. The mainstream of the domestic classification information system providers: Net Technology (www.wangren.net), which search city and ocean, net technology and search city probably occupy 43% and 41% market share. The remaining 16% are split for other providers.

net technology generated by ASP+ACC+MSSQL HTML of the WRMPS platform, then search city based on PHP+MYSQL.

, let’s see WRMPS today.

in accordance with the current market share, you can see that 43% of the classified information, the webmaster still chose the ASP architecture WRMPS.

on and not good at two times the webmaster, choose ASP this easy to use, easy to maintain, is the best choice! And small site selection ASP+ACC generation HTML is a good choice to generate HTML will enable the site to search engine friendly greatly increased! With the South Street of Nantong as the representative of life network.

Site of large

data mostly choose WRMPS version of ASP+MSSQL, Microsoft’s powerful MSSQL plus WRMPS highly concise code to make huge data without service, to ensure the stability of the platform to provide strong backing for the benign development of the website! Which represented: Taizhou Telecom Taizhou know-all, CITIC Group, Ningxia Telecom, Shizuishan Hong Kong and Dongguan etc. search information.

long ago, WRMPS has been officially registered as a company operation!: Changde City Network Information Technology Co. Ltd., the new customer service staff recruitment and development personnel has reached about 12


day before and released a preview of 2008 SP1! Listed here: some features of the new concept of profit, spam filtering function, and store information for city and regional support unlimited classification, arbitrary orders to open sub station function, HTML to generate a powerful, new props, support any optional page template acquisition, comprehensive upgrade program, membership messages and so on.

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