From the day and school thinking about entrepreneurship and wealth

May 7th, entrepreneurs horse founder and chairman Niu Wenwen in Wuhan Optics Valley third "Rimula · wealth sink forum mentioned in the concept of" Fortune 2 ", appears in his entrepreneurial Dafengkou, not by investors to blow you to heaven, will eventually return to the essence of entrepreneurship, when feelings recede, when the capital of Fenghua support receded, the entrepreneur can survive is the essence of things.

Niu Wenwen proposed the "day" and "school" concept of the two business. The so-called "day" is today most rely on financing and the potential for entrepreneurs, but with the deepening of innovation and entrepreneurship, some problems have gradually emerged. So Niu Wenwen said, should return to the essence of entrepreneurship. The essence of things, in fact is the wealth forum repeatedly stated "Fortune 2" concept. 2 in fact refers to the wealth is in the process of entrepreneurship into artisan spirit, not only to create a business, but also to the pursuit of personal wealth, in this business to create wealth for society.

business day thinking, thinking of the

School of wealth

on the "day" and "sent", Niu Wenwen launched a very detailed description. For the "day" entrepreneurs, financing is the first competitive, rapid expansion, a cycle of five years. Get the user with financing, but do not consider profitable things, in the loss to expand the market, or to do large-scale, then visit the capital market listing, slowly put the virtual reality. This kind of entrepreneurs to fight, to take off within a short period of time to become a pig on the air.

this day logic in the first two years of the entrepreneurial environment in Shirupozhu, and no adverse to drops, hungry, millet and other companies are typical representative among them. But it must be noted that the logic of enterprise advocating Tianpai, its survival and development environment about weather, geography and people, three are indispensable, good capital environment, strong entrepreneurial team and richly endowed by nature market competition these are essential factors for the rapid rise of Tianpai entrepreneurs. By air, Tianpai entrepreneurs can quickly take off and completed the primitive accumulation of capital.

but I have to say that Chinese capital market only profit, a company to be listed to be profitable. But today in the capital market cold case, entrepreneurial success rate is too low, the gold content is not high, blindness, entrepreneurial path is not good. Tianpai logic past competition will be returned to the logical pie.

to send the entrepreneurs, they are actually more wealth. Because this type of enterprise is either a traditional industry has accumulated wealth, technology and experience of the enterprise, or is the basis of the industry and the internet tool, but will be more money to finance entrepreneurs. Magic School entrepreneurs is that they have a mobile technology and capital, but also the height of vertical, on the Internet and long-term nourish, facing difficulties in landing day entrepreneurs, but will be a.

as Niu Wenwen said, in today’s environment, according to the Internet >

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