Single site production, customer failure, experience sharing


because one of my corn bar studio websites has long been ranked as "XX website construction", "XX website production" and "XXSEO" first, so on average, each

month can receive 1 to 3 website of the telephone consultation, for fear of advertising too, I will not say the specific names, need to know in private contact with me, after all, our county also belong to the national top 100. But today is not the topic, today is to say that the original customer reception, because the reasons for the slack caused by the loss of their own list.

you know, dealing with customers is a very skillful work, and the public relations ability is what I really missing, as a webmaster want to pick a single really Study hard about this knowledge.

online QQ consultation on my studio website, when the QQ window was opened, it was four words: Web authoring. I think this guy is really direct, I said yes, then the site production process page sent to him, I said: you look at this process, what is the problem and need to please contact us, I leave your phone. Because of the first contact, and then the other side of something off the assembly line.

I don’t know this man did not look at our website production work flow, on the way here I share that we make the site production process, laughable.

workflow: customers to apply for website construction — Customer preparation of the corresponding materials — we formulate the site construction program – the other party agreed to the program and deposit —

customers negotiate with us to determine domain names and spaces – – we start making web sites – upload space adjustments – customer recognition and payment – mission accomplished.

second days more than four in the evening, the other on the line suddenly said to me, you can come to our side, because the other side in the township (town called Shao Bozhen, in the country are famous yo, Jiangsu oilfield is located), and I in the urban area, 16 km away, I thought what to you that visit, I still have the website making process page said to him, you get the materials, documents inform me.

third days, I have something in another town, Wuqiao town has something, the other side called, asked: can you come to our unit today, we have the data ready?. Fate makes it happen, I have to tell him the truth, I said I’m sorry, I’m out today, really no time, I’ll contact you tomorrow, OK? I feel like the other party is not too happy.

the morning of the fourth day, I also feel a little wrong, I take the initiative to call him, I say to you today to go there? The other tactfully replied: I’m sorry, I think you are very busy, I have been looking for someone to help me do.

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