Read and analyze the website statistics as you see the financial statements

pay attention to the flow mutation,


statistics system will first tell you about your site’s hourly and daily visits and visits, and be sure to pay attention to the changes in these visits.

, for example, if your site always has the largest one hour visit at 21 p. m. and it’s already 21:40 today, the bar chart at 21 this hour is still only a little bit high. It may have been unable to access your site, you must immediately check whether your site can access or access is not very slow, if not unusual, hurried with other city to help users to contact the test is not a certain area can not visit your site. If it is a site problem, it should be dealt with immediately.

or you find today’s traffic was a lot more than yesterday, so please immediately view the details and background statistics today yesterday and compared in details, see where it flows from, and try to keep the increase of the flow rate.

pay attention to the percentage of visits and views

If you are browsing the

volume is three times of visits, that is to say, the average person will visit your site to browse three web pages on your site, you feel that too small? Why not try to let visitors read more pages? You can try to make some changes to the site. To make it more attractive.

analyzes the entrance to the site,

entry is the first page of a visitor entering your site. This page is not necessarily home page, because visitors may be recommended to your site through a search engine or a friend.

on the page before the entrance arranged on the web page, you must analyze these web pages attractive, or they are in favor of the analysis of search engine, the revision to these pages must be careful, because if you erase the web page of the flash point, you may lose your site’s supporters.

on the entrance in the larger flow of web pages should also be appropriate to change, can not let it or you can keep it immutable and frozen, become more attractive to other pages to access to this page who visit your site.

often analyzes your keyword "


if your site has a lot of traffic coming from the search engine, please always analyze your keywords and pay attention to the changes in the statistics of keywords every day.

, for example, if you run a web station, you see every day from keyword statistics report from the search engine search "Xiamen station" in your site traffic of more than 500 people, and these flows may have brought benefits for you, so please consider, why not "keywords station" but there is "Xiamen station"? If you search for "station" can be found on your site.

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