New station 15 days by Baidu included

Hello, my name is new station, the station was built in the late 2008-05-20 network officially launched.

third days Google is included in the daily updates, rich content. Looking forward to the visit to the Baidu crawler can also be income, the result is always zero, check the relevant information on the website that Baidu will take 2 months to the new station included, it is really a kind of suffering, does not want to be included into the traffic flow.

I search habits are generally used Baidu, if the result is not what you want, or not plenary, and then continue to use Google, Baidu’s impression has been very good. But for new sites support, feeling very bad, every day looking forward to Baidu included. Every day before going to bed, will use webmaster tools to check the included situation. This process is very painful, and finally last night habitually open view, with the time spent 15 days before and after, Baidu was included in the 13 anti chain 25, then in a good mood, happy is released. Absolutely, this is the result of persistence. So, here, I said to the new station station, good positioning, to continue to be included, just a matter of time. Come on,


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