The website development manual with webmaster friends encourage reading


contact site has a certain year, starting from 96 to now is not short, look at this 10 years N large and small website development to be in full swing from indifference. After all, personally think that is a reason: the positioning of the site.

himself is purely based on personal feelings written, but also the real person to see, because the author of writing, even his own dare not compliment, write less than the place, we Hehamra..

personally feel that the positioning summary is nothing more than a few problems, the emphasis should be on (I often discuss problems when a word with others): "don’t look at the industry by industry insiders point outside of the" once a business planning friends one day and I talked about one thing he had just entered the industry time. A customer needs him to conduct a business promotion planning, as the first of course to live seriously, so I can say that a friend is fighting N sleepless day and night finally put a perfect plan that he made out of the original (very hard, hope to see my friends a lot of support, ha ha), the second day he put this plan to the customer for a word "what this plan". I want to do business friends can feel the blow. No way to live, my friend had to come back. But he learned much more this time. Home using half an hour of " copy "; " paste "…… Be accomplished。 Second days to the customer is also very satisfied, from then on, he plans to do the only job is copy paste.

is another example, an artist designed a drawing, the boss looked after very happy, immediately out of the frame, hanging behind his desk as a fine display, and then with the design of said: " you re design a to this, he must give customers not to."


the total thing, I believe that all their friends do not do with their industry point of view to look at people outside the industry, as the saying goes good " experts see road, laymen watch, " your product needs, often in your industry what do not understand, only the design in line with the market, in line with customer, also with God is the best.


in the word " is not only expensive to buy on the." in fact I should see it absolutely right, because you have to accord with the high consumption of people’s consumption psychology.

so here, I suggest that all webmaster must remember to put their website positioning, not by content positioning, according to the customer to locate, that is, according to God to give money to locate.

if you are doing a nationwide web site, the whole nation may be God.

, if you’re doing a local network, please

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