Webmaster law one get Baidu who have the world

has Baidu, the world. This reason is very simple, Baidu included more, the user search your site more opportunities, traffic will come more. In China, 80% people will choose Baidu to search for the information they need, so the relationship between Baidu and the webmaster do well is very important, is the development of the website in.

one. How can I include my website?

1 login Baidu http://s.baidu.com/search/url_submit.html

2 find a Baidu has been included in the site to do a reverse link, what is the reverse link, that is, let the site to do a link to your site. Then there’s the waiting, 1~2 days or more.

two. Traffic and Baidu included in the number of relations,


the answer is not necessarily. Depends on the heat and rank of your keyword. What is the heat, that is, the amount of search every day, you can go to top.baidu.com to see the ranking of keywords. A lot of people may do it on the top list, but these words are so hot that the competition is so fierce that even if you’re lucky to be in the front, you may soon be dropped or dropped by K. If your website is coupled with copying other people’s content, K will be more likely. So it’s not a good idea to choose the theme of a website by top.

three. What’s the ranking? What’s it related to?

general users use search engines only on the first page or even the first screen to find the answer, so the first page is critical. So what’s the ranking? The detailed factors and weights are confidential. But we still have a lot of open influence factors. In order to get a good ranking, you should pay attention to the following factors

1. internal factors:


appears in

URLThe keyword

appears in the

page TitleThe keyword

appears in the


appears keyword

in the first paragraph of the page

appears keyword

in the last paragraph of the page

Heading tags, such as H1 and H2, appear in keyword

The keyword

appears in the link in the

stationExport links to

oriented content

The keyword

appears in the

export linkThe keyword

appears in the

image file nameThe keyword

appears in the

Alt tagKeyword

appears in


reasonable frequency update content,

content shows the location of the search engine


web structure loops PR instead of distributing PR

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