Webmaster talk about keyword selection

forum must first have to go through a pass, that is, select a keyword to start. What exactly does my station choose to do? I think this question should be studied and thought repeatedly by many forums, admin. In the end, it’s the key to what you are interested in.

is still running the key to the trend. Personal awareness should be done according to the key to what you are interested in, regardless of the Baidu index.

interest, on behalf of their own intentions, will be more powerful than other keywords,

The content of the

interest station is more professional and effective than other keywords,

, though, is very simple. In order to increase their interest in professional station keeping of power station of the Everfount, as for traffic, station because of your interest and become more practical and persist, so naturally can stick some like-minded visitors for a long time. Traffic will naturally come,

is like the post-80s married people. According to their own interests, they really pay attention to such a group of post-80s married people. Naturally, they will attract some like-minded post-80s people to go on like this, and the forum admin should be satisfied. Being able to do what you are interested in is a very happy thing. Let’s do the same thing,


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