Sophisticated e-commerce in socks — the philosophy of success for Black socks


in the electronic commerce very influential today, Jingdong, where customers in B2C, C2C is Taobao’s case, want to from the e-commerce business there is still a chance, because there are still many e-commerce giants take care of the dark corner. In an unprecedented competition, the funds gradually concentrated to the advantages of enterprises, fine e-commerce was discussed. Borrowed from Zhou Hongyi, this is called microelectronics business.

fine electronic commerce includes two levels of meaning: the first is the differentiation of products sold, different sales strategies, such as Jingdong sold all digital 3C products, but you only sell digital SLR camera coverage, smaller and more concentrated resources so you can more easily attract to target users; second is a refinement commodity additional services, large online stores because of the need to take into account all kinds of goods and the various needs of users, if you can provide the detailed function of some users want, nature can get. For example, to provide commodity receipt SMS, to provide micro-blog, IM customer service.

socks are consumables for everyone. Shopping mall brands are too complicated and the prices are too messy. Besides the sports brands, it’s hard to get the socks that are suitable for them, and there are few special socks for sale. In this case Black socks gave us a good example, this is a well-known online store in the UK, their flagship product only socks, the socks by them to the manufacturer and custom to ensure the quality of these socks is not cheaper than the mall (single and double the average price of $10), you can choose on the site according to the color, type, the most important is that they provide timing send service, you can buy 20 pairs of socks and let Black socks each quarter to send you five pairs, you don’t need to spend time to go to the mall to pick socks, also do not need to worry about can not find the socks.

Black socks’s philosophy of success: focus on core products, reduce user costs, and provide high value-added services. The main customers of their website is male, most men to have comfortable, breathable socks generally require such a pair of socks and women, style, specifications have more complex requirements; secondly, most men because of work or personality is not willing to spend time to pick socks, while women’s love is shopping; finally, the majority of men all through the stinky socks or socks, even if no one can see but they will feel very embarrassed. They have sold 10 million pairs of socks a year, and they can even circle the earth N, which has surpassed many so-called big manufacturers.

if you sell a pair of socks Black socks can earn five dollars, which means they can earn fifty million dollars profit about three hundred million yuan a year, the cost of raw materials and logistics, because of a surge in sales decreased sharply, it looks like this is a great business. There are already a large number of imitators of lack socks in China

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