Site operations where are the target users

lottery website is essential and meaning is the user, the target user groups to seize the lottery website, it must first give the website positioning, first determine the target user, in the analysis of the features, users of the activities in the field where to dig the target users, improve the site’s conversion rate. Take the sales lottery software website said it preferred to determine the target user is lottery operators, and then analysis of this group of users and lottery operators usually removed from what place, what place are active. According to data analysis, lottery software target customer groups are mainly concentrated in the following places:

Forum: today’s lottery sites, lottery information are set up lottery forums, forums or columns, naturally gathered a group of lottery operators, lottery friends. There are lottery places, there will be lottery operators, because they are direct service for the lottery. In this forum to find related lottery lottery software, often send some in the above picture or is the core user group website construction, website content as they play a crucial role.

IT, lottery information station: for lottery software, mainly related to the software, computers and other industries, many lottery operators concerned about such IT information station, hoping to seek information on top. And lottery information station is their most direct face of the lottery industry information understanding place. They want to find information in such a place and sniff out the profit margins in the lottery industry as quickly as possible.

webmaster platform: maybe everyone will be confused. What’s the significance of this platform to them?. With the rapid development of Internet, more and more operators to enter the Internet lottery industry, want to top a share, online lottery betting station is their docking platform, so website operation in the enterprise is very important, how to let more people know that they exist, the website SEO is a method of low investment and high returns the. Whether you want to operate a lottery information station or a lottery enterprise station, website optimization is a problem that lottery operators should pay attention to.


makes sure where the target user is, the next thing to do is to convert the users to their own lottery site. But different social platforms have different strategies.

with SEO more and more be understood, the webmaster for how to ensure the weight is not dispersed, must do enough effort. SEO is usually the most commonly used method is to use Nofollow to control the internal link weight allocation, in order to ensure that the weight of the site will not be lost. Or, non station link does not go, direct POS off. The only way is to use the signature to do articles, you can bring links as far as possible with links, not with links to add pictures, pictures must be accompanied by obvious tips, such as the site’s LOGO, domain names and so on.

above is my lottery industry, according to the target user’s determination and search methods, different industries can be based on the industry >

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