Why entrepreneurship is difficult and the breakdown of some key nodes may die

Abstract: in the event of more than a good, the media is often the first flattery, then Bangsha, a lack of self reflection, which for entrepreneurs is not fair.


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cloud as the chain and several other entrepreneurial team was flayer, conduct problems of entrepreneurs began to be placed in the table, the whole society began a "entrepreneurs" and "Reflection on the tide, overbearing President Yu Jiawen speech once again not suitable to this wave to the peak, a time of criticism continuously.

although soon Yu Jiawen issued a public apology letter, but still accused of lack of sincerity, and perhaps a speculation on the beginning. I do not discuss more than a good behavior, but I hope to have this opportunity to talk to entrepreneurs in this way may be difficult, in which several key nodes die.

in the embryonic stage, their king

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venture died in the embryonic stage, which is one of the most bitter stage, the whole team is always in a state of near collapse. This time seems to be the most important reason is because of insufficient funds, resulting in a series of projects to promote the issue, but the biggest problem, in fact, their king.

in this article to talk about entrepreneurs are mainly real grassroots entrepreneurs, such as Li Ruigang, Li Huaiyu and other businesses with huge amounts of money is not within the scope of this article. Grassroots entrepreneurial team although money is really a big problem, but no leader in only the crux of the problem is the dead end.

this type of entrepreneurial team basically because of ambition to come together, the past few years or participate in or witnessed many such teams, leave the biggest impression is that the work efficiency is low. Although many team will have a leader, but due to the investment or output are basically equal, so the control force is very weak, which led directly to the poor working arrangements on.

is a part of the team to survive, will gradually appear a grasp the core value of the soul, so when the value distribution problems will occur, the equity issue will be exposed at this time. And the actual value of the people are likely to create a legal person or the actual leader is not the same person, this time the bucket will appear. West master of civil strife is the origin of this problem, eventually get the part.

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from "why should I resign to sell hamburger" fire, West master hamburger quickly detonated, the highest valuation soared to 40 million yuan, but through the bitterness of the West master did not usher in the spring, but in a hard winter. Now the reason is still unclear, Song Xin is also out of the establishment of a new West "to play on stage with the West master.


peaks follow, giant rolling

The huge population base of

has led to more Chinese entrepreneurs than foreign countries

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