The development of local portal owners needs more practical strategies

first, webmaster development site, will spend a lot of time on your site, all through the night stay up late is that many large web sites are now looking at homely food, CEO every day seems easy, in fact they in the early stage of the development of their site, pay time certainly can’t imagine, after the success of the leisure and early in the site’s efforts are inseparable, no real effort, it is impossible to succeed so leisurely.

remember the old man once told a very simple example, enjoy Tong Zifu, by the old suffering, not to lay their own foundation in the beginning, the development will later emerged more and more problems, only the early rainy day, is likely to succeed after the early development of carefree and content. The webmaster is not a lot of financial backing, only by constantly trying to master, constantly groping forward, all through the night to stay up this effort is be nothing difficult, burning their health costs, for the success of the site, examples of such a webmaster in the laggards on practice, of course, the success of the site it is also famous. But, don’t know now the webmaster who have this Henjin shares?


local portal site development actually do not like the owners spend a lot of a lot of time to stay up late, as long as their promotion, contact several businesses and intermediaries, every day there will be users to update their site, the webmaster only need to do is to review this information is true and useful to. The rest of the time you can think about how to make your site in the local portal site stand out, come out on top. The development of the local site before the fierce competition, is also limited, so do not need too fancy tricks, you need to direct simple tricks to:

1 a day, not so hard looking for information about the latest updates in real time, if there is time to find some local businesses to join their site, like the occupation introduction, the real estate intermediary institutions such as a large amount of information, most of their information is true, can not avoid the search a mechanism.

2, local portal site users are most concerned about the information timely and authenticity, take a look at some of the local talent website that their recruitment information is clearly a few days ago, but will display the information, so the local portal information must be true, if more than the other sites, you need to even the published information is true date are not modified, more easily recognized by the local people.

3, the initial weight of the site is not very high, many a little bit the weights of the site are not willing to exchange links with your site, so you need to master his own position on the bottom, the exchange site links some of the same industry, as some are not related to their own site site, even if their weight is high also do not easily exchange links, local portal sites have their own resources, not every portal site can imitate the thing sooner or later, the weight of ascension is the premise.

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