Ten ways to get links to work

web site content, promotion difficult, has always been the webmaster’s heart disease, the following is my personal summary of the method, I hope you can give some help to other stations.

has the following ten types:

1, similar site links – the difficulty coefficient is the biggest, so you can do some other


2, write blog, send news, be reprinted by other websites, get links — the most effective way

3, to other forums, blogs, on the message content with links,

4, sign up to the forum replies, get links

5, the money to buy one-way links (link transactions) – the easiest way to

6, their own or friends site active link – the most labor-saving way

7, advertise, get links — the easiest way to

8, join the website League, get links

9, join categories or URLs, and so on (of course, there are fees and free and 3 types of reciprocity), access to link

10, in Baidu know, stick it, Google Groups, yahoo answers answer the question, get links.

in fact, there are many ways, here are not listed one by one, as long as you can do the above 10 kinds, the effect is already very good. The key or content of the website, content is king. To attract users always or content, the time spent on content is always correct.

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