Write the soft text of the 11 skills

soft Wen wrote more, more write more smoothly, also summed up 11 writing soft art skills, share to you. In the future I will write some specific written out, I hope you continue to pay attention to A5, concerned about the size of the king’s blog.

1, daily saw a lot of articles are soft, don’t think it is advertising, is soft.

2, see more, you can write more, under normal circumstances, you can write an article a day.

3, write soft text to arbitrary, do not always want to add advertising, so written out of the article is very stiff.

4, do not always write around yourself, for a long time, you will find that writing is stereotyped, thinking is easy to limit.

5, good at seizing the recent popular figures for speculation.

6, wrote a lot of soft Wen, observation statistics, experience class reproduced rate is the highest, click quantity is also the highest.

7, soft text as short as possible, more words, more nonsense. Revise and try to figure out more.

8, analytical ability, thinking logic, article rigor, subjective judgment are derived from the study.

9, the first, second, third of the soft text better than large paragraph expression effect.

10, try to use third person to write soft text.

11, more, more listening, more exchanges, with inspiration, touch, good articles will come out smoothly.

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