Thinking based on community precision marketing

Hello everyone, I am the district car network of Jiang Bai, I have been the third to participate in the mainstream automotive network media forum. But, unlike the last two times, now change a new identity, their own business in the district car network.

community car network, we may not yet be particularly familiar with and familiar with. The theme of this forum is to discuss the diversification of Internet marketing. Residential car network was founded in mind, it is precisely based on community precision marketing thinking.

there is no doubt that the emerging network community has gradually shown a strong marketing function, through the network of community platform, enterprises can search a wider range of consumer and communication object, will disperse the target customers and precise audience together, using the new method to enlarge the word-of-mouth network. And in the increasingly obvious consumption patterns (demand search action sharing), timely information transmission and feedback are realized. At the same time, we can see that the purchasing behavior of consumers has changed a lot. The decision phase is the mainstream of searching for relevant information and comments on the internet. In the analysis of data, not too much attention to the enterprise’s own statement, and look at other users to buy views. The product of the era of the Web2.0 purchase of the potential customers before the decision is very important, especially on the specific models of the network community, the initial user would look at other people’s evaluation, enterprises also pay attention to this piece of the market of consumer oriented, customer service comments will stimulate a user pre-sale. In fact, in many public communities, we can often see that enterprises will actively guide public opinion and influence pre-sales by hiring a number of public opinion leaders.

for the current Internet users, the amount of information is too large, but also serious homogenization. Faced with these huge amounts of information, it is difficult to effectively identify the audience. Or it’s hard to choose the right information that you really need. In fact, from the marketing point of view, the more information transmission, consumers do not know from, hard to digest. The effect of communication is less satisfactory.

in order to solve this problem, the goal is to build a community car network precision marketing platform and community community owners service platform. Through this platform, enterprises and consumers to achieve direct docking between.

, we are the core users of the car network, which is a large mature residential area with car groups and potential car buying groups. Everyone knows the biggest characteristics of these groups, one of which belongs to the elite of society. Two is economic independence, is the backbone of the whole social consumer groups. Three is a large number of large consumer goods bill. For example, buy a house, buy a car.

facts also proved that among these groups, the biggest consumer goal after buying a house is to buy a car. But now the consumer more and more rational, the consumer behavior and consumer orientation, often from around the car people and advice; especially in front of the car more and more choices of the market, consumer trust has become a very important consumer psychology; small car network efforts and implementation of.

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