When the user as a person, the content of the site to say people

January 2013 Spring Festival general director, said in an interview: "(Spring Festival) host must say the words", meaning and host of the show an actor must say that the old people loved the popular speech, said (play) the people most concerned about the issue, not only let people understand, let the people happy in the meantime, resonate.


, said: "the snake spring festival gala host said the people" (network picture)

In fact, the

website (social marketing content) must also have to say the words ", with most of the potential users easy to understand language, will be concise and to the point most concerned about potential users that potential users really solve the problem, not to look around his web site to get the kick up a cloud of dust, so users good.

unfortunately, the majority of small and medium-sized Web site operators (social marketers) while keep the "content is king" say it, but did not realize the importance of this.

you may think this is, kick up a cloud of dust just to name a few: curry favour by claptrap,

"every puff" "false propaganda": "Ms. V, an appointment call 137******* (uterine fibroids surgery, a look that is invented, the disease belongs to personal privacy, especially some secret sorrow disease, who will agree with you on the website just fancy publicity? Thought hidden phone number, mm)" "the XX brand product quality and cheap, users praise, national reputation"……

"around the keywords to do" type: "telephone call records inquiries, mobile phone call records inquiries, online inquiries how to call the phone records.""……

in addition, web content "do not speak" and "eight typical technology stocks", this kind of content to copy Baidu encyclopedia medical website and IT website as the representative, "filled with all kinds of academic terms, abbreviations, foreign industry convention, Jane said, even long copy the foreign language, without any notes, don’t want not familiar with these abbreviations in the outer circle read.


, Da, ANN, Baidu, smart search hints, "are you looking for


editor in writing "were not to stick at trifles it affects the entire page, the reading effect. As a website in the article "Da (the answer)", not carefully read the context and carefully pondering, you don’t know what it means; and as the Baidu encyclopedia entries "go turn change", "video conference" on the five departments before the "before" people talking, carefully check to know the day before, "refers to the" August 9, 2011 "(this phenomenon abound > Baidu Encyclopedia

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