The webmaster must pay attention to several items when buying domain name

need to use the domain name station must have you all know, and to say today is sand some matters need attention in the webmaster to buy the domain name when it is, if you just entered the circle of Internet new station to take a look, I believe the following considerations more or less will help you webmaster


1) before buying domain name, had better go Baidu search the relevant information of this domain name, see whether somebody was used or be punished,

!Must go before Baidu

owners buy this domain name or Google search related information for the domain name, the domain name ever been to see other owners to use, if the owners used the words, then the domain name is not punished by Baidu, for example, has been K pull out of or into sandbox records, if any, the station will not choose the domain name is not a good choice, because the domain name punished by Baidu compared to other domain names that have not been punished Baidu easily again by Baidu punish


2) should be in the purchase of the domain name webmaster domain name registration authority, and the convenience of domain name transfer in or out of the


webmaster when buying the best to choose the domain name registration authority, like the new domain name is not recommended to taking sand, because you want it registered in the domain name or transfer is transferred not only to mail a lot of information, but also ask for the "five hundred charges" (now is already heard the abolition of the so-called "fees", but in fact is not cancelled but did not go to the sand verified)

!In addition to

, in the sand high you were recommended several transfer or transfer the domain name business more convenient, such as love reading, amber network, and renamed with a rich network… These domain name registration mechanism not only transfer out of convenience, will not charge you any fees, the owners can rest assured that use the registered


3) the stationmaster can not be greedy for petty gain, just to save a few dollars on the choice of those unknown space providers!


often have some space business under the banner of "activity" held in the name of what some reduction activities, if the space domain of the famous business even, but is afraid of the unknown, or whether a few agent domain name business activities for you at the time of purchase is very cheap, but at the time renew the next year, you will find the domain renewal than usual increase several times, then you want to roll out and no way, because those taking a root domain name will not easily let you turn out, want to give up but feel pity!

4) personal webmaster is best not to buy such as CN less stable domain, it is very easy to be

and go!

in order to avoid our personal webmaster later there will be trouble, our webmaster when choosing the best domain name suffix can be omitted C such as N is not stable suffixes, because we do not know what time will the policy change, but do not know when we have no control on the domain name right, so webmaster if >

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