Two of the most important aspects of user experience

on the user experience, I believe that many owners have been very familiar with it, but what should be where to do but still have some questions, I want to talk today about two personal experience of individual practitioners since SEO here.

one, the website page is neat, beautiful, can give a person a kind of fresh and refreshing feeling, best. Lack of professional aesthetics and web design, landscaping techniques, it is not easy to do this. But that’s enough to prove that your web site has potential value for digging.

two, the original web site content, here it is needless to say that? A lot of people do not love to see a blog is reproduced, duplicate content, everywhere, why choose you, because you are SEO? Where is my need, I will go to where, how I don’t care this website? Of course this is a search engine to consider the user experience, SEO do better, the lack of user experience, which is not your value. Blog, in particular, is a platform to show itself, to record your life, and to represent your values.

original text: Guangzhou website construction company blog: personal humble opinion, throw a brick to attract jade! Also ask the expert to correct!


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