WeChat operates four big pits. Did you drop in

all over the world to talk about WeChat, you noticed WeChat? WeChat marketing is not really have so much power? Use WeChat earn first bucket of gold is really very easy? My advice is, don’t try to play, know the depth.


marketing is the most important arms of WeChat public account, although the recent CCTV reported that this platform has become a hotbed of rumors and false information, but the entire Internet environment are the same, is not the problem of channel. Whether false or false, running a WeChat account is one of the basic jobs of WeChat marketing.

different types of WeChat public numbers have different operating methods, here extracted a more general section, talk about WeChat operations of the three pit.

first pit: use WeChat as micro-blog, use

some senior critics will say: "WeChat sang micro-blog into the chrysanthemums after the Double Ninth Festival. That’s funny. WeChat and micro-blog are in a state of co-existence, each with its own value. Micro-blog is more emphasis on communication, WeChat is more emphasis on interaction, no one who replace the problem, just like the mobile Internet will not replace the PC internet.

but some people use WeChat as a micro-blog when it comes to running public accounts, which is used as a big horn. Every day they just send some broadcasting information, such as preferential products, the company under the line Activities Notice, scientific knowledge and common sense of life, story and so on, are some spectators to see, pure onlookers came to an end, finally also showed a "if you smile, please forward seditious words like" the.

do you feel good? WeChat is a very efficient and relatively strong privacy tools, a relationship between the number and the user should be more intimate, shouldn’t be doing "to attract attention and then sell this rough live eye". The interaction of WeChat is a direction should be fully played, you should try to let WeChat users generate more reply, click, voting, forwarding and so on behavior, rather than merely onlookers entertainment entertainment. In fact, the WeChat public number can not produce the atmosphere of the crowd, because fans are simply invisible, so the purely eye-catching approach is thankless.

second big pits: use your mouth to say what other people say,

this is equivalent to the acquisition and false artifacts in SEO’s fault. CCTV’s WeChat public report is a hotbed of rumours and false information. In fact, these rumors and false information have found a hotbed for WeChat. The information source has not changed much, the form of information remains the same.

so, before the PC Internet, the article generally copied the phenomenon, in the WeChat public again on the repeat. This is very annoying, because if someone would pay attention to your public number, you can provide some unique valuable content, all online search search to get information, pay attention to you >

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