ntelligent transformation of traditional industries, nternet plus bike into the air

3G portal founder Zhang Xiangdong left, to do poineering work bike, he said to do "city bike", "intelligence" is part of the function.

Li Yinan, former vice president of HUAWEI communications

left, to do poineering work on the bike, and had been transferred to the "successor of Ren Zhengfei," said he would like to do the most cattle electric bicycle.

before Zhang Xiangdong, Li Yinan, Baidu, millet, Samsung has layout smart ride".

bicycle, the ancient means of transport, suddenly stood on the tuyere. This does not, even the "time-honored" sit still, have to enter the "intelligent riding flying pigeon".

in the "Internet plus tide", "intelligent" has become the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries as the most effective path.

Dove "to eat a bowl of noodles to finalize the cooperation of


in April 3rd, is located in Beijing road at the JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong, LETV sports and Feige vehicles held a "marriage" conference.


Fei and Zhang together to eat a bowl of noodles, and reached a strategic cooperation agreement, can be said to be hit it off." The conference site, sports CEO leizhen music as a sword, took Tianjin Feige vehicles general manager Zhang Quanying, to stand to the spotlight.

music, as a sport, a combination of the Internet and sports company, established in 2012, from the parent company last year, in the sport of the big industry chain nuggets.

is a veteran of the "Flying Pigeon bicycle manufacturers, has 65 years of history, is the ideal partner for music as sports." Lei Zhenjian said.

said the pigeon industry, for most people, the nation’s most famous bicycle brand should not be strange. In 1950, the birth of the first domestic independent bicycle, from flying pigeon brand.

in the last century at the end of 80s, Flying Pigeon Brand is undoubtedly the domestic bicycle industry big boss. 1987, the annual output of 3 million 650 thousand units, the scale of production and marketing was the first in the country.

and many state-owned enterprises, in the subsequent ten years of development, a large number of personnel, the mechanism of the company to gradually become rigid transformation and upgrading slow, poor sales of products in the predicament. In 1998, the company sales fell, due to the continuous loss of production and operation was difficult to continue.

then in to the Tianjin municipal government, the company modified recombinant mixed investment, Feige operating results also began to improve. But at present, compared with the industry giants Giant, whether the production or brand influence, now flying no advantage.

for this and music as sports cooperation, flying quite satisfied.

over the past ten years, the bicycle industry has been in transition and upgrading. Public demand for bicycles, from an ordinary means of transport to the culture of leisure

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