nto the toy market entrepreneurial skills

‘s most gifted Jews have said that the world’s two kinds of people the best money, one is a woman, and the other is a child. Children’s consumer market profits have been more than the adult market, Nuggets toy market has become the consensus of many entrepreneurs.

material shows: China’s 14 years of the city has a population of 80 million, the city children’s per capita annual toy consumption amounted to 35 yuan, children’s toys consumption totaled 2 billion 800 million yuan! Moreover, the toy is no longer a child’s patents, 43% of adults in China said they like and are willing to buy toys. China social survey firm survey report is more optimistic about the possibility of China’s adult toy market is only one year of youth demand reached 50 billion yuan. Therefore, the eyes of ordinary people in the small toy market, contains unlimited business opportunities.

into the department store building, all kinds of toys domestic commodity variety makes a superb collection of beautiful things, dizzying, and in several community stores, funny toys, educational toys, magic toys and gadgets are popular. In addition, entrepreneurs involved in the field of toys, in addition to the traditional business, can also try some new forms of Entrepreneurship: attract low-end consumer eyeballs — toy repair, sale, lease second-hand toys toys; allow customers to enjoy the interest, effectively alleviate the pressure of work has opened the toy bar, DIY toy workshops; which, out of print edition, the latest version of toys, children and adults become love — the original toy development, adult toy sales. These forms of entrepreneurship can operate separately, but also can be combined to operate in a variety of ways, more profitable.

although there are many toys economic opportunities, but compared to the traditional field of trade, catering, clothing and so on, entrepreneurs do not know how to start it seems strange. So, what is the toy industry in the field of concern? In this regard, senior business guidance experts recommend the following three entrepreneurial direction:

DIY toys workshop

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