What factors to consider before opening shop

shop should be fully investigated before. No investigation, no right to speak. The location of the population is located in the vicinity of the store, the nature of the units gathered nearby, the nature of the work, the region’s spending power, habits, whether there are similar shops, if so, to investigate their business good ring.  : Generally speaking, the market survey before opening a shop includes the following aspects:

the convenient traffic conditions. After the customer to the shop, parking is convenient; convenient transportation of goods; from other locations to the shop is convenient, etc.. Convenient traffic conditions have a great impact on store sales.

the surrounding facilities are favorable to the shop. Although some shops opened in the city next to the main road, but the fence on both sides of the road, but the business greatly affected. Therefore, the choice of street pavement, we must pay full attention to this point. How do you choose? There are two typical streets: one is only lanes and sidewalks, vehicles on the road, the line of sight can naturally sweep the streets on both sides of the pavement; pedestrians walking in the street, it is natural to enter the shop. But if the width of the street more than 30 meters, but sometimes not popular.

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