Two months to reduce the speed of life and death survey music as more dangerous Jia Yueting struggli

LETV will really like Jia Yueting said, turned the corner in three or four months? At least for now, in the eyes of the outside world, the music is still only "Schrodinger’s cat".

today at half past nine in the morning, the United States on January 3rd at half past five in the afternoon, LETV super car depth strategic partner Faraday future (Faraday Future, referred to as FF) will be in Las Vegas released its first production car. In the official posters, this new species is pointed to the reconstruction of the Century Automotive industry".

, according to previously reported, FF production car will have the fastest speed to accelerate the world’s fastest hundred kilometers beyond the Tesla Model X, and such a high-performance Internet car, the price will be between $15-20.

As is known to the outside world, this car is not the same as the meaning of the music as

. Over the past two months, LETV suffered the most serious crisis in recent years, the automobile business especially being questioned, at this point in time, FF’s first car, meaning no longer confined to a car, but the outside of the music as confidence and judgment to. As one interviewee said, "music into" confirmed stage ", the capital market, investors need to see clear results, will continue to invest, and is no longer the only before a business model can be."

in the music as the crisis, financial constraints, the car into the quagmire of the project is just a representation, we try to find the underlying causes of the crisis as the music. The company’s organizational structure, governance, and Jia Yueting personal ambition, dogmatism, tolerance and choice, perhaps is the real cause of the crisis.

the following is published in "Chinese entrepreneur" magazine’s January 2017 cover story, "struggle"

Jia YuetingThe

| print journalist Li Yating Ma Jiying Li Xiaoxiong

editor | Ma Yue

Jia Yueting can only squeeze into the conference hall from the back door.

the afternoon of December 11, 2016, Chinese Hotel, LETV LETV holdings chairman and founder, CEO Jia Yueting will soon begin a speech here, twenty minutes before the speech, the audience will be poured into this can accommodate more than and 100 people packed the hall containment. From the Front Gate Jamal cannot come in, can only be entered from the podium behind the door. Until the beginning of the twenty minutes, the door is still sound, "open the door, I want to see Jia Yueting!" outside the door, more people than the hall.


Jia Yueting closed door speech, full of people, from time to time someone was hammering on the door entry requirements. Jia Yueting stood in the history of photography | soldier podium smiling, even a little shy, the day he had some cold, before taking the medicine, the speech sound is not great, sounds tired, but this does not prevent the output values of Jia Yueting music, music is from the birth of a new species, "" LETV to change a hundred years car.

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