Entrepreneurship is the key to open the store location

there are a lot of people will first think of entrepreneurship, is to run a store, now want to successfully opened a store, the first thing to notice is that the site should take a look at this, open the store location should pay attention to what?

1, the store can be selected to meet the business objectives. For example: to be able to operate the restaurant business than other types of high value, because not all shops can get environmental protection, industry and commerce, fire and other departments agreed.

2, the wider the store, the better, if the store is narrow and deep banner, then its value will be greatly affected.

3, to study the commercial atmosphere of the region, because the community is the object of commercial consumption of residents in the region. Generally speaking, the commercial radius of 250 meters to within 500 meters of the core circle, the choice of small and medium-sized shops should be in the core business district.

4, shop where the road is also very particular about. The wider the road is, the better the environment. From the current situation, street width of less than 16 meters on both sides of the street shops, the best operating results.

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