nventory affect the stock market’s seven negative energy

shares this year to play like playing roller coaster, rise up and go, but this year’s bull market is very attractive, the gem index also hit a record high, a lot of people trapped inside also reluctant to come out, but the "heights mood at the same breed. Bull market really can last? There is no way to judge, but we can look at the impact of the stock market seven negative energy".

1, the largest IPO IPO in 5 years

after Chinese nuclear power and other big ticket issue, there are some blood effects on the stock market, but the market reaction is not intense, may have a large amount of money is a factor. Recently, Guotai Junan, readers publishing media, Henan thinking automation equipment 3 companies IPO application will be over. Guotai Junan IPO which undoubtedly attracted many eyeballs.

According to the A

2, lingering Huijin holdings shadow

5 28, Central Huijin holdings of ICBC, CCB shares. After the news spread on the day the stock market triggered a chain reaction, the Shanghai index volume fell 6.5%, received a long line. Later, although the market that Huijin holdings is small, but the events in the formation of the psychological shadow and the Shanghai index 5.28 big line also buried deep in the hearts of investors. The higher the stock market, the greater the wind, has been affected by the current market.

3, history is always surprisingly similar to

4, Xinhua news agency risk warning

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