Nanjing reporter visited the red anchor living conditions

"Red Net" has already become a popular vocabulary around the network, then the network broadcast also attracted a lot of attention Indoorsman Indoorswoman, network anchor seems to have become a kind of efficient occupation. So in Nanjing, what is the life of the network red face? Let’s look at their lives together!


online crazy pass network anchor millionaire, but in Nanjing, a monthly income of twenty thousand is "red"; general network anchor called the majority, but recently the sun handsome men began popular in Jiangsu…… 58 city, digital broadcast, pepper 100 days before teamed up for the network anchor group depth investigation and study, and released the first domestic network anchor "survival status report", said the network anchors the average monthly income of 9975 yuan, the hand piece is the most profitable. According to the report, the reporter said that the current situation of the existence of the network anchor visited Nanjing found that these networks are not so easy to make money in the legend of the legendary.

hand piece of the most profitable fitness anchor bottom

"at first, I like many of my classmates think network anchor as long as Yan high value, dressed in fashion, to sing and chat in front of the screen can make money, a lot of millionaire jokes that we yearn for, can live in these 3 months, that is not the case," engaged in a singing class the students say sweet anchor. Report data show that more than 15 times a month live network anchor average monthly income of $9975, more than 22 times a month live network anchor, the monthly income of up to $30 thousand.

to present fresh and high quality content in the broadcast, "don’t drop powder", often wake up to anchor the brush mobile phone, pay attention to all kinds of jokes and hot topics, without hands has become their normal life; hours of content planning, scene layout, equipment debugging, clothing collocation etc. work, for most "anchor" too; in the interaction of parody, objection to keep a smile, or even ugly, so they are "tired heart". Want to make money, they tend to pay more than traditional career.

from the income, in general, the hand piece and dance star show anchor the highest income, earning an average of more than 14 thousand, and was followed by musical instruments, singing anchor, surprisingly, the income of the bottom is actually the fitness anchor, only $2806 a month, it seems that this also is who do who know.

on-line 2 hours behind the scenes working hours over hours

a computer or even a mobile phone already have their own equipment can be launched, seemingly zero cost investment, is one of the reasons college students choose to engage in network anchor. The survey report on the network anchor spending data, smashing the university recommended

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