No copy Roll up their sleeves dry! A headline editor in chief Li Zhi steel brand of cold start

no money no one no way, how to start the company to do early media promotion and how to achieve good interaction with the media


in September 7th, by a joint headline dandelion incubator, jointly held a record online classroom, invited the former "finance" reporter, before the "media" titanium co-founder, hit the headlines editor in chief Li Zhi steel made a wonderful to share. From Beijing, the Yangtze River Delta and the rest of the country there are a total of hundreds of members of the dandelion, online lectures and online interaction with lecturers.

Lecturer: Annals of steel

as a veteran of the media and entrepreneurs, Zhi Zhi steel entrepreneurs to promote early pain points, the problem has a profound understanding. He said that early promotion is often overlooked by many startups, but in fact, the cold start of the brand is significant for start-up companies. "But in an age of flood of information, we have to admit that it’s not easy for startups to tell stories."

so startups how to build their own communication system?.

"if a stranger to communicate with a beautiful woman, the other side of the first reaction is, who are you?!" Li Zhi Steel said, startups spread will encounter this problem first, if you can not answer these questions, you cannot start the real spread Tour: for example, who am I? To help users solve what problem? Why do users need me? How my character


for start-up companies to find the status of media personnel, Li Zhi Steel said that the brand during cold start, entrepreneurs can "roll up their sleeves dry". According to previous rich experience with reporters, Li Zhi steel summarized many effective methods and techniques for writing a customer, including how to choose the angle, the title, and the details of the processing and so on, let a guest online "open the brain hole".


interactive links, calendar editor who introduced the characteristics to creating some communication channels, such as a headline enterprise is for startups "brand cold start" demand and daily promotion, an effective tool to provide the excellent article entrepreneurs can eat to get more traffic distribution and media outlets, get more the spread of coverage.


after class, creating a lot of customers who have said a lot of harvest, many people have to play reward, said to become the headlines of tap water".

it is understood that the editor of the calendar "brand cold start" advanced courses will be held in the near future.

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