What should part-time entrepreneurs pay attention to

part-time entrepreneurs, due to lack of experience for the first time entrepreneurs, many newcomers tend to simplify the cost accounting. One is the deviation of the concept of "cost", that the purchase cost of wages and cost of products is the company’s employees, the rent is two; many hidden costs may not, for example, the depreciation of fixed assets such as computer maintenance, as their leading consumption of energy and time, resulting in the actual profit the status and the expected difference is too large, the output is not reasonable negative investment promotion plan.

: the unreasonable arrangement of funds

the existing capital allocation is not reasonable, lack of funds overall planning. When the use of funds does not consider the integrity of the overall, and whether there is a situation beyond the security ratio, the follow-up funding supply chain is not enough to consider the lack of funding for the development of the cause of follow-up support. The allocation of funds, many new bosses often appear capital tie up seriously, funds under operation, quickly run into trouble.

management simple:

management is not only the internal operation management, but also relates to the customer management, employee management and motivation etc.. Because of the lack of experience, many new bosses are easy to start from the usual thinking, doing things according to their temperament, so often there CATAI internal employees and customer defection of the things is not surprising.

project choice, not only part-time is difficult to complete the dream of getting rich, more likely to affect their own work. So, for those who are interested in part-time employment, choose the most suitable for their own entrepreneurial projects is the most important issue. Part time entrepreneurs, only the usual attention to accumulation and learning, can do the best entrepreneurs!

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