Ali’s Festival marketing is worth learning

eleven is coming, electricity providers have started up now during the holidays, do online business friends are busy awfully, even Ali and "Festival" skills, is a great success.

"Festival" is the Internet circle electricity supplier often play things, such as double 11618 and so on, but now there are also some more crazy play, "day", Alipay, WeChat and so on the day of payment, once a month or once a week, the relative strength not once a year "day" so big, but also because of such a high frequency of product operations team test geometrically rising.

The main operating

as Ali "shield money day", share with September has just executed the fresh experience with you, winning three measures of marketing activities.

"shield money day" is a festival of the Alibaba’s products users focus on the creation of Ali shield money, 22 per month, and the author will shield money Ali the entire operations team together for the user to send welfare, send a surprise." Build day is not easy, but the feeling of playing with the user is still very good! Today, we share our festival marketing experience.

1. requirements analysis – content matching:

of the product user needs to do some detailed analysis, for different people do different activities, such as we are the main users of Taobao users, but will push for different levels of different activities, such as preferential preference we will focus on pushing set points Po, send mobile phone, send coupons, in favor of high-end users push "year one million" insurance insurance account.

2. is the best occasion or rally:

regardless of planning or communication, in line with the current hot spots, generally can cause the user’s interest, such as the recent "mission impossible 5" "yellow" and other films have a piece of film, the Internet Co to by all means. Fixed

often used to

1) Festival;

2) film;

3.) predictable special events (now September parade) three, the other occasion often no way to do pre perfect planning, because they are often accompanied by a hot spot nowadays detonated it, such as 2 earth, ice bucket challenge.

3. user experience – simple acme:

This product is very much like

. Where the user to see such a spread, after seeing what is expected to do

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