How to skillfully Recommend brand

recommends to the customer brand, not only need customer recognition, more importantly, also can let the customer happy shopping, accept the recommended brand, this is the recommended brand skills. On the recommendation of the skill is the lack of numerous shopkeepers. So, how can skillfully Recommend brand? Let Xiaobian with a look at a case.

recently, opposite the hotel’s little chef to ask me: "boss, how much money in your shop soft"?

difficult to buy cigarettes, how should I store no smoke in my heart tight, murmuring, but still keep your smile: "you should buy such expensive cigarettes, is ready to give gifts to who?"

is ready to send her girlfriend to Anhui, together with her parents, the first time to see the parents, always can not be so stingy!"

had heard about a beautiful young people the beauty of Anhui, today is the first time to the mother, but I lack the soft store, how to do? What shall I do? I suddenly remembered a few days ago a friend of Anhui office toy factory here, said he chatted in here, the people of Anhui with the Mount Huangshan tobacco smoke is, every time when he will be back to Anhui in my shop with a one or two Mount Huangshan back home to friends to smoke. So my face lit up the little chef said: "how is your girlfriend’s living conditions?"

"general, very ordinary family."

in my heart is a bottom, "you buy a Chinese cigarette does not look good, buy two are going to take you half a month’s living expenses, but also for an ordinary family, expensive smoke he certainly reluctant himself to smoke. So, I recommend you buy two Anhui people’s love of Mount Huangshan tobacco, although the middle grades, but in Anhui is relatively tight smoke, just National Day just over Anhui, where the Mount Huangshan tobacco certainly nervous, new year’s Day is coming soon, maybe they also need to prepare such smoke."

I am such a analysis to

, the man feels quite reasonable, they readily bought two Mount Huangshan (red India) smoke, then I am here with two bottles of blue sea, I will be packed with two bags, happy young man carrying a gift on the car. In fact, Mount Huangshan tobacco in our Jiangsu area is not too popular, but for the people of Anhui, but the local smoke Oh, everyone knows that Mount Huangshan is the brand of cigarettes in Anhui, local people to send local tobacco, reasonable.

for this I not only cater to the chef’s heart, the more important thing is the successful marketing of my store’s new tobacco.

products out of stock is not terrible, terrible is the owner does not know how to recommend other brands to consumers, resulting in the loss of business in vain. >

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