Standardized management can make the shop more successful

how to run a shop, different owners will have a different approach, some people insist on standardized operation, while some shopkeepers prefer opportunistic. And my family’s retail stores and tobacco industry to grow together, I shop for nearly 20 years, at the beginning of the small grocery store has also changed today’s retail terminal standard store. To achieve this performance, I personally think that I always keep in mind a business principle – norms.

there is no rule which has a radius, and I have to apply for business at the same time there are two, I shop about 100 meters away from the operation. At the beginning, in order to compete, he does not regulate the operation, the purchase of inferior, non channel goods, low price sales, business seems to be more popular than I shop business. Let me stick to the standard management mentality has shaken.

but later his store has attracted a constant consumer complaints, law enforcement departments to investigate and deal with, gradually, fewer customers, poor efficiency, and finally had to shut down. Let me lucky, I still adhere to standardized management, to recover the disturbed mind, ensure the quality, quantity, do business integrity, fair trade, business and so better every day.

because of my long stick to the standard management, tobacco companies last year offered me set a big cigarette retail terminal function — a gilded signboard standard shop. This sign, so that my business icing on the cake, the consumer groups continue to expand, suppliers come to discuss business is also relatively more up. Because I adhere to the norms of operation, so that I have the capital and suppliers bargaining, those who are not regulated suppliers are shut. In this way, I run the supermarket has a better survival and development of space, the scale of the business is also gradually expanding, small shops have also turned into a medium-sized supermarket, sales profits are rising year by year.

every month inventory, there is a harvest of joy. Therefore, in the long run, standardized management is always a magic weapon for success, let me taste the sweetness.

if only from the short-term operating conditions of the store, the standard operation may not have what kind of impact, even the money earned will be more limited. However, if it is from a long-term point of view, the standard operation for the development of a store will have a very good role. So, if you are also a shopkeeper, may wish to standardize operations.

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