The American and Ali have 8 years of entrepreneurial stories

once mentioned Electronic Science and technology, people will naturally think of Silicon Valley in the United States, and since the Alibaba after the listing, the world began to shift attention to the field of electronic technology, the Chinese China had said that the electricity supplier industry is a legend.

as Alibaba continue to advance on the occasion of the popular roadshow in the United States, an American media focus away from the state of Arizona, a person quietly watching popular online roadshow promotional video Alibaba.

44 of PorterErisman, a Native American, joined in 2000 as vice president of Alibaba, responsible for the relationship between the media and the market, accompanied the company through the Internet bubble burst, Ebay witnessed the company to win a war, witnessed the company listed in Hongkong, he believes that Ali has been mature, decided to continue to pursue their dreams of another movie.

2008 from Ali, Erisman spent three years, made his first film "CrocodileintheYante" (the Yangtze River, predators) this documentary on his insider’s perspective about the wrong development, Alibaba experienced the war, committed, etc..

he said he "finally eat lunch" on the last day before leaving Ali and Ma, which presented documentary film ideas, Ma simply gave him permission, until the disappearance of Erisman for three years with making a good start film screenings, Ma Yuncai dream wake up early to joked: "you give me the documentary to shoot at that time, I do not know what that means!"

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