What are the problems faced by female entrepreneurs

in recent years, many women joined the entrepreneurial team, in which a lot of successful examples. But relatively speaking, women entrepreneurs will encounter more invisible obstacles in the entrepreneurial process, and this disorder varied, involving culture, environmental change, personal expectation, personality, stress and so on, these factors make some of entrepreneurship also have female entrepreneurial ambitions prohibitive in front.

Analysis of

1, invisible barrier

in a random sampling survey, 50.1% of women said, had not thought of entrepreneurship, some of them satisfied with the status quo, do not want to change; some fear of risk; some comfort, afraid of hardship; some prefer to eat low, no matter play cards, rather than business. Entrepreneurship often needs to break the existing order of life, take some risks, have a certain spirit of sacrifice. Women are affected by traditional ideas, the lack of entrepreneurial desire and impulse, compared with men, they are more difficult to take the first step in entrepreneurship. In the survey, the willingness of women to have entrepreneurial intentions than men have 4.6 percentage points of entrepreneurial intentions, in most of the women want to get entrepreneurial support, the failure to protect the risk to occupy the first place. Under normal circumstances, women have the market information and sales channels than men, which makes them the overall lack of business risk tolerance, eager to risk can be caused by the failure of a series of measures to minimize the.

2, over the superiority of

Study on

3, the continuation of strong psychological

Many women always love

4, the traditional concept of

Influence of the traditional concept of

Edit this paragraph are the psychological weakness of female entrepreneurship from the psychology research results, for men and women, achievement demand is not the same, instigated the key psychological achievement is male "competition", women’s motivation is "social acceptance", in addition to the traditional "men, ideas and physiological factors women in" the women in the business dependent, inferiority complex. Many women prefer to mothers, rather than female students in innovation and entrepreneurship, "well done, understanding the representative is inferior to marry well. Even successful entrepreneurs have begun to female entrepreneurs, the family is still a heavy burden of responsibility as their own.

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