Xu Xiaoping investors tend to what kind of entrepreneurs

with the government public business, put forward the innovation, entrepreneurship has become a "fashion", "investment and entrepreneurship" has become a hot topic, so investors tend to what entrepreneurs


IT online platform I won the workplace was founded in 2013, and in 2013, Xu Xiaoping received 2 million yuan angel investment in June. The day before I won the workplace won Ding Feng assets tens of millions of dollars pre-B round of financing, I win career pre-B Financing Conference, it real fund investor Xu Xiaoping guest, and I won Xiaoye career CEO Xi to discuss topics related to investment and entrepreneurship.


for the last 864 rounds of A round of financing the collapse of start-up companies, Xu Xiaoping to the current young entrepreneurs made a few suggestions. First, he reminded entrepreneurs to get down to business, cash flow is king, like I won the workplace, with enterprises and the spirit of hard work to win the eye of investors.

secondly, he believes that should create value for users, many times the return to investors, which is the essence of business. "Burned investors money, Bo user’s heart" the demolition of the east wall buxiqiang method is not long. Xu Xiaoping stressed that there is a positive side of anything, there is the risk of entrepreneurship, so listen to the negative voices in the business, there must be a brake. He said that entrepreneurship in China is far from saturated, there are still numerous possibilities, each young people are likely to show their ability.

for investors, the investment is not romantic, the risk has always been there. Is the so-called to see these from the essence of investors investment is the man who can do things, people can create value. Xu Xiaoping praised the innovation and development of IT in the workplace I win in the field of online education and O2O mode in the micro interview, which is valued by investors.

a lot of people are talking about capital, but Xu Xiaoping does not think so. I win the workplace can get pre-B financing in such an environment, as long as you work hard, the real value of creation, there is no winter.

investors and entrepreneurs philosophy is not only these, only to achieve a win-win situation for investors and entrepreneurs, touch the essence of business is the ultimate goal.

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